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Deep cleaning

Our skin due to environmental aggressions needs deep cleaning. Denatured food, contamination and pollution assault our skin and one of the first guidelines for having beautiful skin is deep cleaning.


This process prepares your skin for a better hydration and absorption of nutrients. In addition, it improves the appearance of your pores to restore the acid mantle of the skin.

This step of the basic care is very important since really the success of the hydration process depends on a proper tone the skin.


One of the most important features of the skins hydration deficit is their low water content. When the water content of the stratum corneum drops below 8% to 10%, it becomes dry, rough and fissured. The skin of the face loses more moisture than other areas of the body, since it is more exposed to external aggressions.

The horny layer gets its hydration thanks to water from the deeper layers of the skin and the normal perspiration. When the skin lacks natural moisturizing factors or is exposed to extreme weather conditions, it loses moisture, becomes dry and taut and difficulties to absorb creams with very dense textures. We can treat lack of hydration by bringing the right products to skin to protect it from environmental aggressions.


Dry skin that presents a slight desquamation into the dermis and note tie may suffer a significant lack of hydration. When you feel tightness in your skin constantly, the small wrinkles can appear prematurely. It is time to treat the skin with more intensity with products that contain nourishing and regenerating properties.


A flabby skin is a skin without elasticity. The firmness of the skin can prevent and treat providing the nutrients needed to balance it. When the skin loses elasticity we must give much hydration and nutrients so you regain it.


We can't stop time, but yes we can curb its effects. Soon you start the routine of daily care, better. In addition, our treatments will help to make your look more young and vital, treating your skin in depth.


Light is a symbol of life and health, and if this apply it to skin the same thing happens.  All yearn for glowing faces radiating light and vitality to see us fresh and young

If your skin is off or devitalized, it is time to activate it with the most appropriate cosmetic

Be calm

The sensitivity of the skin can be attributed to genetic causes, but also to environmental causes such as topical products, climate change, pollution of the air, excessive exposure to the Sun or denatured food. Products containing active ingredients that neutralize these harmful effects and reinforce the skin's functions can be used to avoid it.

Be free of impurities...

The skin tends above all in the time of puberty to comedones and infections. In this section you will find the right products to balance your skin and remove impurities.

Be free of stains

Occasionally, skin pigmentation changes which receive the name of stains. These may be due to factors such as pregnancy, genetics, excessive exposure to the Sun, among others. There are different types of stains of skin such as freckles, moles and spots by aging and each one has different shapes, sizes and characteristics.

So that your skin is free of stains, Sun protection is essential and intensive treatments based on cures can help mitigate them, or delete them.

A 100% natural makeup

There are an infinite number of decorative cosmetic products market, but most of them contain toxic substances that our body takes to debug. The heavy metals such as mercury and copper can intoxicate our organism and affect the most sensitive skins. Here you can choose a makeup completely natural, healthy and eco-friendly, free of heavy metals and synthetic substances.

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