Alepp soaps are 100% pure and natural, produced in Syria for 1,300 years, handmade and traditional techniques.


BIOSOLIS is a complete line of solar products based solely on natural minerals and medicinal plants.

Dr HausckaThe basic principles of the Dr.Hauschka cosmetics are the best ingredients from nature, selected medicinal plants and a unique concept in skin treatments.
PrimaveraSpring offers natural products for the care of skin and aromatherapy, connecting you with the joy purer nature every day.  Savon du MidiThe preparation of vegetable oil SOAP has a long tradition in the Mediterranean countries. The SOAP Savon du Midi are made naturally without any animal fat. SessuSessu offers you a special epilation. Its 100% natural texture adheres only to the hair and removes it without damaging the first layer of the skin. It deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Sessu is suitable for all skin types, even for the most sensitive.
Jimmy BoydEmotions that surround your senses through unique fragrances inspired by nature and the light of the Mediterranean. A fragrance one emotion. Find yours.

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