Lavender Bath - 150ml



19,50 €

  • non-foaming bath additive
  • moisturizing without surfactants
  • contains essential oils that provide health
Recommended for you
  • for the whole family
  • especially recommended for infants and young children
  • for people stressed and very active
  • for people with fatigue and insomnia
  • full, partial baths and showers
  • for a bathroom, add 2-4 caps of Lavender Bath
  • use proportionately less for partial baths, baths with showers and feet
Special features
  • use hot muslins to release tension in the nape of the neck and headaches
  • bath foam based on castor oil, moisturizing jojoba oil and natural essential oil of lavender
  • dissolves completely in the water
  • relaxing after a long trip, stressful meeting, travel by airplane
  • also recommended for infants and young children
  • Add water to the bathing sick people
  • Add to water in case of sensitive skin facial cleansing
  • Choose 1 of the 5 different baths Dr.Hauschka according to your need or mood
  • Sulfated Castor Oil, Glycerin, Lavandula Angustifolia Oil, Alcohol, Parfum, Citronellol *, Geraniol *, Linalool *, Limonene *, Coumarin *, Simmondsia Chinensis Oil.

* natural component of essential oils

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